Download Bookbub App And Enjoy Exciting Deals

This app is meant to be the sellers of the book in a better way. They don’t actually sell the book but they show the deals which are better for the users according to their taste and preferences. This app is better for knowing the upcoming books and arrived books in other apps will be available in this app. To know about the book before knowing it thoroughly will be showing all those information like about the author, the price of the book and many other things will be shown here. It makes easy for the readers as it has very clear letter size.

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Types of bookbub app

Book bub app includes many other apps. Some of them are:

  • Amazon kindle lite
  • Kobo books
  • Kindle
  • Goodreads
  • Google play books etc.

Amazon kindle app

Bookbub app provides e-books with lots of titles, and it is free for the users. It is very convenient for the users to read their favorite books on this smallest app. It has come up with the new feature known as bookmarks. The readers can add bookmarks and attach them with other devices. They can get the bookmarks from “my bookmarks.”

Kobo books

This app requires $3 for signing up for your first e-book. After that it gives us many kind of offers. This is mostly famous for audiobooks. If you read in one device and if you need that in another this app will provide you the better service.


It provides you the larger number of books. This app is not only for books but also provides magazines, newspapers etc. We can choose our own font size and make it Easy for reading.

Google play books

Buy audio books from google play. If we buy one or more than one will not require monthly subscription. It has enhanced the google play performance better.