Get The Best Top Grossing Android Apps

Before the name top grossing arrives it has been called by “top free” and “top paid” top paid in the sense the maximum number of copies sold. Literally top grossing refers to the total amount of revenue that is earned through purchasing the app. App store provides separately top grossing android apps.
The top rated charts:

ServiceRatingReviews count
APP FOLLOW4.659 reviews
APP BOT4.3133 reviews
MOBILE ACTION4.132 reviews

MR bullet:

This game is made by lion studios, which owes the category of puzzles. As this is one of the highest top grossing with millions of downloads and with the revenue of $50k. This game is more popular in US country.

Rocket sky:

This game is developed by KWALEELTD which drives the category of arcade. This is one of the largest revenue earned app with millions of download and revenue $10k. This is also more popular In US. It is published by Great Britain.


This game is created by clown games which have the category of casual. This has downloads of crores. This is also more popular in US which are published by turkey.

Messenger-texting app:

This is a texting app used as a social media. We can enjoy texting with others for a time pass. This is the kind of app where we are entrusting with the peoples.
Thus the top grossing app depends on the total revenue.