App Store Optimization is also known as Software App Optimization or an “App Center”. It basically makes software developers focus on marketing the product. This can save a lot of time and money because it not only enables them to be more competitive in the market but also generate greater profits.

Software apps are the most popular category in the App Store. The reason behind this is that the App Store is flooded with tons of free applications. But most of these applications are plain looking so developers tend to offer their software for free with a premium package, but which one is better?

There are two ways of finding free software. You can either look at the Software Downloads section in the App Store, or you can download your software from online sites such as the Google Code Project. Although the latter is much quicker and easier, the truth is that this can cost more than the former. For instance, if you download your application from Google Code, you will not be able to create new repositories on your website.

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You will need to install the software for each time you want to add new software, which is an additional expense. However, this is a lot cheaper than the App Store software downloads which would include building new servers, setting up the database and all the other software development related tasks that take a lot of time.

App Store Optimization requires software developers to focus on the actual software product. In addition, they have to maintain track of customer’s feedbacks and provide feedback about the app. As long as these are handled properly, customers would love to have their free apps.

Software App Optimization basically focuses on advertising the app and making it known to all those who visit the site. You do not really need to pay attention to the software’s price, but to its quality, features and the overall usability of the software. One more point is that it is always better to purchase software from the established company because the software is tested by the experts and this is beneficial to the customer. Moreover, the software is compatible with the platform of the app store and users can install it from there without any problem.