Find Best Top Subscription Apps

As technology has progressed, the modes of entertainment have changed as well. The work which was taken by many gadgets now is programmed into a single gadget, which is mobile. The mobile has replaced many things and gadgets from our daily lives.

How the mobile has replaced all?

The mobiles have many inbuilt programs called applications or apps which have taken over all the responsibilities to get all the work done which were earlier done by different people and gadgets. Since many apps have been doing all the work, some apps are at the top of the subscription lists.

ServiceRatingReviews count
APP FOLLOW4.659 reviews
APP BOT4.3133 reviews
MOBILE ACTION4.132 reviews

There are many genres for which one needs apps, and the makers of the apps give you a subscription of that app, which either is free or is paid. Some apps which are good and popular in their genres and work fields have topped the lists of subscription and have lots of subscribers.

The different genres are


In this section, the required app showcases web series and movies and online television streaming. The top subscribed app in this genre is NETFLIX, as it shows many web series based in different setup and places in different languages, with different movies and long lost television series.


In this genre, Instafit is the app which is popular nowadays as it is the only app which gives you a home guide about exercise, diet, and meditation


There are quite a few top subscription apps fit for education purposes like bambel and memorise which help you learn different languages by providing the translations and meanings and proper pronunciation and vocabulary in that particular learning language. Plus this app is free


In this genre, Amazon and flip cart are the best and topmost as per any AppStore list of subscribers for a particular app.