I’m sure you’ve heard about the Nintend on the Wii, if not, this is a new game that lets you use your hands as an accessory to use as you wish. It’s known as Wii U Controller Mode and uses a touch screen or a traditional controller as a controller. You’ll find a big variety of games that let you play using this mode, just check out these exciting games:

Minis or Augmented Reality is a game where you have to control a small object that moves on a track with a Wii remote and so far, there’s more than thirty popular games in this category. Now these minis are not just for kids. With a touch screen, you can have a real interactive virtual mini in your hands to enjoy. The only drawback is that you need to be at least a bit experienced in playing. But even if you have no experience of playing minis, they’re fun and some of them even involve Mario, Sonic and other characters that kids love.

Urgent Action is a simple and straightforward game where you have to guide a robot dog around the arena to finish a series of races. This is a challenging game but once you’re playing it, you’ll start to see why it’s quite easy to learn and master. All you need to do is use the touch screen or a Wii remote to move the dog around the arena and avoid obstacles while you finish a race.

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The other great thing about this game is that the steering of the vehicle is in your hands. You will have to use the Wiimote to drive the car to reach the finish line in a certain amount of time. This is a unique and interesting game that lets you experience a real racing experience with an option of driving cars of different sizes and styles. This is one of the many great Wii U games that can be played in your home.

Tire Rolling is another addictive game that features a lot of activities that will let you experience an adventure filled with challenges. This is like a regular arcade game, only the main difference is that you are the one controlling the character and the environment are made to look like tires. Also, instead of exploring a particular area and surviving there, you are moving from side to side, hence the name “tire rolling”.

Another extremely popular Wii U game is Monopoly Mania. This is also a game that let you use your hands as an accessory for the sake of controlling something, and the touch screen is still used in this case. But you can also enjoy this game with the use of the Wiimote. The objects are the same, but you control a board with the mouse instead of a wheel, and this makes the game a lot easier.

These are just a few of the many exciting games that you can play online with your friends or family. You can take your Wii U and add to the fun. Play a variety of fun games, whether you’re using your Wii Remote or a Touch Screen and make your gaming experience more exciting.